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Greenlife Practice Bays

Practice Bays

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"Power Tee" Technology with these benefits:

1. Easy Load - Load your balls into the hopper direct from the dispenser.
2. Automatic Setup - Your ball is immediately fed onto the tee in preparation for your shot.
3. Fully Adjustable - The tee has up to 40 different height positions available all at the touch of a button.
4. Iron Shots - Iron shots can be hit from the top quality Fiberbuilt strike mat or the firmer standing mat, designed to give the golfer the feel of a well manicured fairway.
5. Next Shot - Once you have hit your shot then the next ball is automatically fed onto the tee until all of the balls have been used.


Experience the latest in practice bay technology with our "Two Tier" driving bays.

There are 30 outdoor bays which are floodlit after dark. Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm in the week, 10:00am to 6:30pm weekends.

The driving range provides the perfect opportunity to hit your first golf ball and find out what great fun golf is or use it as your regular practice facility to improve your game.

With a small basket of approximately 50 balls Greenlife Driving Range is an easy, convenient and cost effective way to practice and enjoy your golf, rain or shine, day or night.

Greenlife Two Tier Floodlit Driving Range is the solution. With no booking and no dress restrictions you can play golf whatever the time and whatever the weather.

We can even provide you with use of clubs, free of charge which is ideal for that spur of the moment opportunity to play.

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